Kind Woman Rescues Drowning Squirrel

Kind Woman Rescues Drowning Squirrel

In a swift rescue, one kind woman saves a squirrel who was drowning.

As one can see from the surveillance video, the woman was taking out some cardboard boxes to recycle. While she is walking back to the building, she notices a squirrel swimming around in a trash can and he can’t get out.

She quickly tips the trash bin over, letting all the water flow out. The tired and wet squirrel crawls out and starts to find his way over to a tree. How relieved he must have been to get rescued!

"It was my sister who walked outside and then saw the squirrel drowning and decided to save its life and bring inside to warm up,” writes the user who uploaded this rescue video. “It was freezing cold outside and the squirrel couldn’t move after he got out of the bucket.”

That’s when the woman decided to bring the wet squirrel back inside and try to nurse it back to health.

“My sister brought him in and put him on her heating pad with a towel and a ton of peanuts, and he didn’t show any signs of getting better. She checked on him a couple hours later and he jumped out of the box and looked like he was back to normal and almost dry.”

What great news to hear that the squirrel recuperated after the care he received from this kind woman! And it seems like she really made a mark on him as he has been coming back to visit her ever since he got better.

“She let [the squirrel] back outside,” writes the woman’s sister on YouTube. “And he’s been coming back ever since to say hi and she feeds him."

May we all extend kindness to animals in need like this compassionate woman did!