Funny Dad Re-Imagines Broadway Hits As Quarantine Songs

Funny Dad Re-Imagines Broadway Hits As Quarantine Songs

In this hilarious video, one dad re-imagines popular Broadway hits as quarantine songs and the results will have you laughing!

“I dreamed a dream of pre-pandemic times...” writes the Holderness family on their YouTube video. “We know social distancing is hard. #StayHome and laugh #WithUs - we will be making songs, skits, and vlogs to keep you smiling! #BroadwayParodies”

At the beginning of the video, Penn Holderness starts off his Broadway parody with a song from the musical Hamilton.

“I am not going away this month, I am not going away this month
We had planned a vacation but we’re in isolation
I am not going away this month
Momma spent a lotta time planning it
Our skin is pasty, we were plannin’ on tannin’ it
But not we can’t go to the beach cuz they’re bannin’ it
And so we’re home and havin’ a hard time standin’ it”

As he switches from song to song, Penn’s wife, Kim, hysterically changes his costume to go with the musical. The next song he sings is from the musical Annie, and Kim makes sure Penn has on the iconic curly, red wig before he starts singing.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll betcha tomorrow
Wil be the same as today”

From there, Penn sings his quarantine theme songs to the tunes of hits from Les Misérables, Dear Evan Hansen, Cabaret, and Wicked. It is comical as well as impressive listening to him hit all those high notes and seeing what creative lyrics he came up with for each song.

“We've been loving the Quarantine content. Your channel is part of our evening ritual now,” writes one person on YouTube. “I work from home and my wife works at a distillery that is now making sanitizer for the community, hospitals and first responders. Thanks for bringing the laughs into our lives.”

“Love your videos! Thank you for bringing humor into my home,” comments another person. “I found myself singing along to Cabaret! Your videos truly lift me up!”

Thank goodness the Holderness family keeps creating fun and silly videos to help lift our spirits during this time.