Granddaughters Surprises Grandad By Playing Violin Outside His Window

Granddaughters Surprises Grandad By Playing Violin Outside His Window

A sweet granddaughter surprises her grandad when she stops by to visit him and plays her violin outside the widow of his home in Belfast.

During the coronavirus lockdown in Northern Ireland, 22-year-old Mariah Donnelly sent her grandfather some sheet music for him to learn on his guitar. She wanted them to be able to play together once the pair was able to reunite in the future.

However, Mariah found herself right by her grandad’s home on April 28th, so she surprised him with a sweet, musical visit. She started to play her violin right outside his window! What a delight that must have been for her grandfather when he saw her and heard her playing!

Mariah’s grandad, 72-year-old Thomas Donnelly had been isolated in his house for just about six weeks by the time his granddaughter surprised him. Although they could not be physically close to each other or play in the same room, they were still able to share a moment with him playing by his window and her playing right outside on the pavement.

As the pair start playing together, the music that they make is just wonderful to listen to. It makes you want to get up and dance and puts you in such a bright and happy mood! While Mariah plays the violin and Thomas plays the guitar, it is clear that they come from a musical family and are both very talented!

Mariah and her granddad love to play music together, so this impromptu performance was sure to warm their hearts and brighten their spirits. And it definitely did the same for all who have been able to watch this video of their musical performance online!

Hopefully one day soon, Mariah and Thomas will be able to reunite and make more beautiful music together!