At least one way to defend America

At least one way to defend America

I know America is not perfect. However I believe that Jesus loves America. This video reveals at least one way to defend America. Yes we can pray for America however there is a difference between prayer and using our delegated authority.
Jesus prayed! (John 17th chapter) Jesus used His authority against Satan! (Matthew 16:23)
Therefore defend America through prayer and use your delegated authority! My main emphasis is on delegated authority!

Photo taken by Melissa Bence while visiting in Hawaii

The verse demons hate:

When I first started out as a believer in Christ Jesus, I encountered a demon-possessed lady. It was at my first church. It began after I preached a sermon. At the end of my sermon, God spoke these words through me, which I did not fully understand then but I do now. Basically I said this; "There is someone in here who has something deep in them." After I taught I went to the front of the church building to drink some water. Then I heard a very loud scream from a lady. Therefore I went to see what the commotion was all about. When I approached the lady others were around her as well speaking the name of Jesus. I heard them say, "Come out in Jesus name!" Realize that I was very young in the Lord and came from a quiet Catholic background. I thought to myself, (as far as I can remember) "I am going to get in this!" So I did. In the process of setting this lady free (along with other believers) from these demons, I quoted and read several verses experimenting o

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