25 Attributes of God Part 2

How much do you know about God? One the definitions of attributes is characteristic. What makes God who he is? Just like you God operates in a certain manner that defines who he is. This is no place near a complete list but I hope to inspire you as you study to recognize the attributes on your own.

The Lord is our righteouness 01:47

God answers Prayer 05:38

God Loves us 07:19

God warns us of impending problems and show us how to avoid
them 10:22

God is merciful 12:15

God extends grace 14:16

God is our shield 17:12

God is our strength 18:35

God is our refuge 20:08

God is wise 21:57

God is good 23:56

God energizes the spirit when we operate the manifestation of holy spirit 25:55

Allen's 26 30:32

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