The Great Awakening

Act 2:1-11
God does not segregate.... In Heaven there is not black and white spaces... We are ALL one in Christ Jesus. God's word is not segregated... The bible does not make a distinction between any races.... The slaves that are found in the Bible, never went through what African Americans went through in the US.
Shem, Ham and Japheth created all nations, and they came from Noah's loins. 70% of African American families today has only one parent in the household. It comes from slavery days when the slave owners use to rip the families apart, so that they would not rise up against them. That's why men today have babies and leave the women, not marrying them just, not taking care or seeing the children over the years. Even though we had bad lives, there is something that we know about God. He will keep and provide for us. The slaves had the first awakening. It was not about being enslaved, it was about being in Christ Jesus. The second awakening dealt with taking the gospel outside the church. William Seymour was brought up in the church. His dad was a slave.
When things get bad you tend to fall bad on the things of the world instead of keeping your trust in God. Different different languages divided the world in (Genesis) and it will be speaking in tongues (Acts) that will bring us together. Why is it we as people still haven't over come our situations, we are no longer slaves or in slavery? The great awakening has not come for us, we are still in bondage without Christ.

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