Orlando Christian Counseling ADHD Depression Anxiety Vitamins, Foods with Serotonin for increased Mood Motivation

This is segment 4 of 6 segments on Alternatives to Medication! Watch more FREE Segments of this Video Series at http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives">http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives">http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives
This segment talks about how food effect mood and serotonin levels. Watch more FREE Videos at http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives to watch Videos on the Food for Thought Diet and other videos on what over the counter brand of vitamins work for Bipolar, ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. I do not sell vitamins nor do I own a vitamin company. I just tell you what vitamins to by at various vitamin stores or online stores.

Jim West is a licensed Christian mental health counselor who has international clients that come for Holistic Alternative Treatments for Mental Health Issues Disorders Instead of Medication in the Orlando Winter Park Clermont Lake Mary Florida area.

“I don’t want to put my kids on medication!”
“I won’t do this to my child!”
“There has got to be another way!”

We hear comments like these almost daily, from parents looking for another solution for their child, as well as from adults looking for alternatives to medication for themselves. In our experience, we find that most of our clients do not need medication!

Food for Thought – “How what you Eat effects how you Think! Watch more FREE Videos at http://bit.ly/SLSalternatives and you will be directed to my TotalLifeCounseling site for more information on the diet and vitamins we suggest.
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