Defiant Child or Teen Defusing Tips for Christian Parents and Teachers

Yell Less, Say No less, and have peace in your home.
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How to help children with Opposition Defiant Disorder. Learn how necessary it is to validate and understand them while under extreme emotional states. This period of temporary insanity can be helped through addressing the child with empathy and then reasoning. Learn how to hear and agree with their feelings behind their statements. Determine when to walk away and revisit the issue as well as know how to address the famous phrase of "My parents don't listen to me!"
Jim West He has helped thousands of families deal with stubborn, oppositional defiant students. He is an international keynote speaker and a nationally certified Florida state licensed counselor.
Testimonial - "Your information is valuable for any parent, grandparent, teacher, counselor, etc. I feel as if I have found a gold mine of information. I am a long time high school teacher working on a high school counseling credential in order to work in a different capacity at the school site."
P.S. "I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation of the emergence of "the adolescent" in history." Diana, Teacher-Newport Beach, Calif.

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