“WHERE THE MUSIC LASTS FOREVER” – music & lyrics by Earl Yamada © 2012

Years ago, as Pat, the kids and I were getting ready to move from the Seattle area back to Waco, TX, I realized that I may never see some of my brothers and sisters in Christ again. Since we left, a few have gone to be with the Lord.

A sister, that was prominent in our Christian ministry, whom Josh and Courtney knew as Aunty Ev, passed away a number of years ago. And while I know we will never sing another song on earth again, I know we’ll sing together again where the music lasts forever.

In our current society, as many of us move from place to place, across the country or around the world, we come across brothers and sisters in Christ that we may never see again. And while our time on earth is short, it is such a blessing to know that we have the promise of eternity in glory with our Savior at the right hand of the Father. Praise God!

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