"Resurrecting Jesus" by Hal Moroz

“Resurrecting Jesus: Separating the Fiction of the Pundits from the Truth of the Gospels” by Hal Moroz.

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It is the goal of this book that you, the reader, resurrect Jesus! In your life and community, have Him live in and through you! And it begins by resurrecting the name of Jesus during the Christmas season, and at Easter time, and throughout the year. Resurrecting Jesus means believing the Gospel and turning from the direction the pundits would have you go, and seeking the Kingdom of God. And if and when you find it – and I pray you will find it -- share it!

The simple truth is that in Mark 1:15, Jesus Christ commands, “believe the Gospel.” However, the sad truth is that few actually believe the Gospel. Case in point is the chief critic of the Gospel, a pompous cable TV personality and author who has effectively rewritten the gospel, proclaiming, amongst other things, that the gospels are in error.
Such efforts of men are nothing new in the history of mankind. We read about them time and again. From the Garden of Eden through the building of the Tower of Babel, and from the Pharisees who plotted to kill Jesus to the biblical rewriters of the modern era, the folly of such men is exposed as foolishness, with grave consequences. They are wrong ... and this book tells you why! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

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