The Certainty of Christ's Second Coming, Part 6 (The Prophet Daniel's Report #355)


- A senior Israeli intelligence official has warned that a sharp increase in the number of al-Qaida linked fighters joining the fight against President Assad in Syria is threatening to spill over the borders and is prompting the Jewish state to re-evaluate its policy of neutrality in the civil war next door.
- China's military has released images of an intercontinental ballistic missile with enough range to reach the United States, as Beijing is involved in a series of disputes threatening to embroil Washington.
- A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.8 hit the Greek island of Kefalonia on Sunday, with local media reporting minor injuries to some residents and damages to buildings and roads

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: The Certainty of Christ's Second Coming, Part 6, from Dr. Tim LaHaye

OCCUPY TILL I COME: How to Recognize False Prophets (Part 2) from Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries

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