Lisa Daggs - You Are My Ministry

This song is from the 2013 album "Women Of Homecoming" (a Gaither Gathering), a fantastic compilation of live songs from some of the best female artists in gospel music and contemporary Christian music. "You Are My Ministry" features Lisa Daggs and her daughter Faith Charette. The song was written by LouAnn Lee for LouAnn's daughter Brianna. Lisa and LouAnn are good friends with each other; in fact, both Lisa and LouAnn live near me and I am friends with both of them. They are such wonderful and gracious women of God. And this song shows how much each of them loves their daughters.

I feel a little bit awkward making this video, since it is such a personal song for both Lisa and LouAnn. I may end up removing it. But for now I thought I'd share it since I know that there are many moms out there who can identify with the lovely sentiments of this song.

Here is a link to the live recording of the song. You may recognize the faces of some of the women in the audience. Make sure to watch it full screen, outstanding video quality:

The two-volume set is available on iTunes and Amazon either on CD or on DVD. I highly recommend DVD, since the video quality is superb.

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