See Him as He Is (Video Jam)

This video jam titled "See Him as He Is" comes from a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled "See Him as He Is".This sermon jam draws a clear line between what is true Christianity as Christ taught it and what is not. We see through the writings of the Apostle John that a true Christian has the seed of Christ planted within them when they are born again and this hope grows and increases as one becomes more and more like Christ. It is a living hope that continues as one walks by faith and God empowers believers with the Holy Spirit. At the same time John speaks of those who do not receive Christ and are described by the apostle as having the wrath of God upon them. Christ came to free people from their sins, to set up His Church, and set up His kingdom. Those that do not receive Jesus Christ as Lord will not be changed and therefore have no hope for eternal life. In John's first epistle the apostle shows his readers that the plan of God is the purification of sinners and that those who sin are of the devil. When one sins they no longer display the holiness of God. Christ came to free us from sin, He came to empower people to obey the commands of God and bear fruit. All Christian must be dowers of the word, remain obedient to their heavenly father, and abide in Christ.
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