Getting Started with Bible Study Getting Started with Bible Study

Getting started with Bible study can seem like finding your way through an unfamiliar city. The landmarks don’t make sense. The roads seem strange. But don’t let that discourage you. The journey is worth it.
Before you take the first step, pray. Ask God to make His Word clear to you. You need the Holy Spirit to guide you, to be your Bible-reading GPS. He opens the meaning of Scripture so that it can transform us.
At some point during the journey, you’re going to feel discouraged. But Bible study isn’t something you finish; it’s a lifelong thing. The more you travel, the more you’ll realize the connections between verses and ideas. So, just keep walking.
As you go, be sure to take notes. They’ll act like snapshots of where you’ve been and how far God’s brought you. The My Bible page on our site makes it easy.
But remember: it’s not just about reading. Your goal isn’t to accumulate knowledge. It’s to take action on what you learn. Scripture is alive and cuts deep to change who we are. You’ll be blown away by what it can do.