Netanyahu cites Biblical prophecy in UN speech (Second Coming Watch Update #409)

Netanyahu cites Biblical prophecy in UN speech (Second Coming Watch Update #409)

1. According to, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cited biblical prophecy in his speech to the UN General Assembly as he attempted to reveal what he said were Iran's real intentions as it related to the State of Israel.

2. According to Reuters, the United States and South Korea signed a new pact to deter North Korea's potential use of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction amid growing threats from Pyongyang.

3. According to The Times of Israel, Iran warned Israel not to so much as "think about" attacking it, telling the Jewish state not to "miscalculate" and stressing the Islamic Republic's ability to defend itself.

4. According to The New York Times, the first major survey of American Jews in more than 10 years finds a significant rise in those who are not religious, marry outside the faith and are not raising their children Jewish -- resulting in rapid assimilation that is sweeping through every branch of Judaism except the Orthodox. In a surprising finding, 34 percent said you could still be Jewish if you believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

5. According to Fairfax New Zealand News, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake rattled central New Zealand on Wednesday morning. The quake struck at 5.22 am and was categorised as "moderate." It was felt from Christchurch to the middle of the North Island.

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