Hezbollah allegedly has stockpiles of Syrian missiles (Second Coming Watch Update #411)

Hezbollah allegedly has stockpiles of Syrian missiles (Second Coming Watch Update #411)

1. According to the Times of Israel, a Lebanese parliamentarian said that Hezbollah is in possession of long-range missiles capable of carrying a chemical warhead. Kha-led Za-her, from an anti-Hezbollah political party, told a Saudi newspaper that Syrian President Bashar Assad had transferred significant amounts of weaponry to Hezbollah, including the missiles.

2. According to the International Business Times, North Korea has threatened to launch strikes against its enemy South Korea and the US, to pre-empt an attack by the two countries on its nuclear facilities.

3. According to the Times of Israel, the shooting of a 9-year-old girl in a West Bank settlement over the weekend drew swift reactions from Israeli politicians, some of whom called for Jerusalem to reconsider negotiations with the Palestinians.

4. According to the Associated Press, an Israeli official said Israel and the U.S. are on the same page regarding the need to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons after President Barack Obama said that Iran is at least a year away from the bomb, an assessment that differs from Israel's shorter timetable.

5. According to Reuters, Syria won foreign praise on Monday for starting to destroy its chemical arsenal, although an opposition activist said the world was merely giving President Bashar Assad time to kill more people with conventional weapons.

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