Five Common Denominators of Individuals with Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

Chemical dependency has certain common characteristics in all drug addicts & alcoholics. The abuse of alcohol or drugs will produce these characteristics in individuals regardless of age, class of society, religion, intelligence level or geographical location. It does not discriminate.

What is Chemical Dependency?
Chemical dependency is a physical addiction to mind and mood altering chemicals coupled with mental compulsion. If left untreated, it will progress and can become fatal.

5 characteristics common in all addicts:

1) Compulsive Abuse: the drug addict can determine when to start using, but cannot determine when to stop. Feelings of euphoria and loss of will power become prevalent while the control over one's ability to make the best decision become lost.

2) Denial & Projection: both traits are defense mechanisms used to suppress reality, cover shame, have feeling of insecurity, etc. Projection unloads self-hatred onto others, thus making them not responsible.

3) Alienation from God: As addicts seek to only get their drug of choice, they become self-centered. There is a false confidence in the substance, and not God. Morality become less important and ethics compromised.

4) Isolation from True Self: experience low self-value, shame, guilt, fear, loneliness, and begin to violate their own standards & convictions.

5) Separation from Significant Others: barriers are placed between themselves and others.

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