Gaetanos Story- An inspirational stillbirth story

Our son was born sleeping at 41 weeks. Throughout this experience we wanted to give strength and encouragement to any family that has to go through any difficult time in there life. We had a choice to keep our son's story quiet or share it with the world. We chose to share his story.

Throughout the pregnancy, we did not expect to have any complications. The doctors confirmed with each visit that the baby was healthy and everything looked great. The last thing we thought was one week after the due date and a day before we were going to be induced, our son's heart would stop.

We went to church early on Sunday and noticed the baby wasn't moving much. We didn't think to much of it. Everything was fine, the baby was healthy, that is what we thought. After lunch we still did not feel the baby moving very much and decided to go into labor and delivery to just make sure everything was okay.

That is when we got the news our son's heart had stopped and that there was nothing they could do. As a parent, this is the worst news you could ever get. Our emotions went wild, crying, screaming, yelling, blaming anyone and everyone. As the next few hours went on, our anger became sadness until we were given the greatest gift, a beautiful angel. Our son although born sleeping was beautiful. He was perfect and we knew he was going to touch lives forever.

This is where our faith came in. We believe that our son is in a better place and is with God.

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