Child Piano Prodigy and The Canadian Tenors Perform Hallelujah

Child Piano Prodigy and The Canadian Tenors Perform Hallelujah

Listen to this breathtaking performance of "Hallelujah" by child piano prodigy, Ethan Bortnick, The Canadian Tenors.

At only three years old, Ethan Bortnick discovered his God-given talent for music while playing with a toy keyboard. After he appeared on multiple tv programs, including The Tonight Show and Oprah, his life as a musician truly started.

Ethan had his own national PBS concert specials and eventually headlined his own tour when he was only 10, giving him the Guinness World Records title of “The World's Youngest Solo Musician to Headline His Own Concert Tour.”

More recently, Ethan ran his own national musical talent search competition for ages 4-24. He clearly wanted to give other kids the opportunity to share their talents with the world just like he did. Can you believe it? An unbelievable musical gift AND a heart of gold?! What a kindhearted kid.

As Ethan accompanied the rest of the band on the piano, The Canadian Tenors sang the classic lyrics of “Hallelujah.” This recognizable tune originally came out in 1984 by Leonard Cohen.

The Canadian Tenors originally formed almost 20 years ago, around the same time tiny Ethan was discovered. The group went through different combinations of singers and released their first album in 2005.

Since then, they’ve recorded five more albums while many singers have joined and left the group. The Tenors have also had their own PBS specials. The members performing in this video are Fraser Walters, Victor Micallef, Remigio Pereira, and Clifton Murray.

In their performance of this beautiful song, the group features each member’s voice, and they all sound incredible. Ethan clearly had an outstanding gift for melody and made their rendition of the song even more special.

Musical talent truly shows one of the many ways God gifts his children. Both the performers and listeners are blessed. Thank you, Lord, every day for showing us the beauty of your creations.

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