I'm on Fire - Luke Perrie

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"I'm on Fire"
I woke up today and figured I'd just play it safe and
Hide under my fake display of, the Jesus Whose I claim to be
But only so long can, I forget Who knows me, I forget Who owns me
And rescued the soul that I try to hide

God I need You tonight, to steal this heart of mine
Break me, and take all the things that I hold to so tight
And I am here tonight, to offer You my life
Smash me to pieces, and mold me for what You desire
I'm on fire

So what can I say, Lord, someday is now, and it's all Yours
Soak me in grace like a downpour, so I can see nothing but You
And for all of the times I've said "maybe tomorrow"
I'm no longer borrowed by this world


I'm on fire, and it rages in my soul
And I, am giving You control
So take me and use me for what You have planned
Even in times when I don't understand
Here in this moment I fall on my knees and I cry, I cry
I'm on fire (3x)


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