ARE U IN THE FEW OR MANY? 2013-05-19

ARE U IN THE FEW OR MANY? 2013-05-19

Mathew 20-16, Mathew 22-16


1. Mathew 20-16, Mathew 22-16 The call of God is given to all or many. In which each one are expected to walk worthy of their calling and become the chosen ones. The Lord choses the people in the furnace of afflictions Isaiah 48:10.

2. John 6:5, 60,61,66,67 Multitude came to Jesus - Many were His disciples but when it came to His teachings these many went back from Jesus no more walked with Jesus saying who can follow these hard sayings only few were there say 12 disciples among whom 3 were chosen for mount of transfiguration and one was found at the foot of the cross but Mary Magdalene even after Jesus being buried she sat before the Sepulchre till the Sabbath day on the dawn of the first day of the week she went to the sepulchre and found resurrected Saviour because she acknowledged Him as Rabbi (Teacher).

3. 1 Sam 14:6 For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by few or many - Judges 7:3-7 - The Lord asks Gideon to choose people for battle from 32,000 people who were fearful and afraid were asked to depart immediately 22,000 left and again out of 10,000, out of which 7700 were asked to go back because they bent their knees to drink water but people who lapped and drank water 300 were chosen for battle because those were the people who would humble before God and stand upright before the world.

4. Mathew 7:14 Narrow is the gate and difficult is the path which goes to LIFE. Only FEW will find it. (