Lo Mas Nuevo De Musica Cristiana 2013
Este canto es original escrito por Ingrid, Evelyn y Kimberly Chavez

We filmed this in Houston, Tx at the Herman Little Park
Somos el grupo "Zaetas" con el nuevo Canto "Rindete" de el album "Primer Amor"
We are Zaetas this is our new song "Rindete" for our upcoming album "Primer Amor"

This song "Rindete" (Surrender)
reflects where so many of us are today. We say we love God and trust him 100% with all of our heart, but when it comes down to it, God takes a back seat to our lives. We put him on a shelf and only bring him down when we think we need him. Then we go to church on Sunday putting on our holy christian face. When in reality we don't even read our bible or pray.
God is speaking in this song saying, I hear all your empty prayers and I see all the rituals and emptiness you bring to me. All I long for is for you to surrender your heart to me. All of your sins have been washed away with the sacrifice of my son Jesus Christ. You don't have to pretend anymore! Let me clean and change your heart, all you have to do is surrender.

Hope you guys enjoy the acoustic sound and our new song!

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