Improvisation with the Diminished over the Tonic - Gypsy Jazz School Free Lesson 11

In this lesson I am going to show you an interesting thing I have
learned from Django.
I learned it after I understood how Django played the D diminished
arpeggio over the D Tonic in his solo over "Daphne".
You can use this concept in your solos to add an interesting tension
and resolve effect.
You can use this concept over any tonic chord as long as you resolve
it to the tonic at the end.
You can see a full explanation of this concept at the 37 minute of my
lesson 25 video, where I explain the solo of Django over "Daphne".
I go over Django's solo of "Daphne" step by step and you can clearly
see how Django is using this cocept and many other concepts you
learn in my lessons.
You can see my lesson 25 video at :

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