Vineyard Southeast - Not Be Moved (feat. Diane Thiel-Sharp)

Vineyard Southeast - Not Be Moved (feat. Diane Thiel-Sharp)

I ran into this song on the latest SongDiscovery CD from Worship Leader magazine. I am on the music advisory panel there. I gave it a 5 on a scale of 1-5. Would have given it a 10, but it didn't go that high. This is a song by Vineyard Southeast. Here is some info from their Facebook page:

The Southeast Vineyard region is a group of like-minded churches in the panhandle of Florida, western Georgia, Tennessee, southern Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi.
The Vineyard Southeast is a part of the Vineyard USA. We're a church planting movement with more than 1500 churches throughout the world. We are one of sixteen regions that comprise the Vineyard USA.

The Southeast Region includes Mississippi, Alabama, the panhandle of Florida, Western and Southern Georgia, Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

Here is their Facebook page:

Oh, and also

This is a pretty awesome song, led by Diane Thiel-Sharp along with awesome backup singers. The song was written by Crispin Schroeder and David Linhart. It was written in response to Hurricane Katrina, although my video doesn't really bring that aspect out; I decided to go in a broader direction. But, the sentiments about Katrina are still there. This is the title song from the CD "Not Be Moved", which has a lot of wonderful music. Download it from iTunes here: