SO IRREPLACEABLE - Tommy Segoro (Original)

This song is part of Tommy Segoro's His Grace album. For more details simply go to Album is also available in ITunes, Spotify and other major online music retailers. Lyrics are below:

So Irreplacable

When I look up to the sky
And I see the moon, the sun and the stars
Oh how amazed I'm by Your works
You built this wondrous universe

When I look deeper in me
And I see Your works and love in me
Oh how amazed I'm by Your grace
That You have made me beautiful

I can't describe You
Other than to say

Unimaginable Your greatness

Unbreakable the love that You give

Your love is whole
Your love endures
Your mercy comforts me
Oh Lord You are so irreplacable

All the earth will rejoice
When they see Your greatness
All their hands are lifted up with praise
With my tongue I confess
That my God is the best

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