Neighbors From Hell

Neighbors From Hell "Bob Borzotta is to to folks with nuisance neighbors what Dear Abby is to women with meddling mothers-in-law," says USA Today. Neighbors From Hell: Managing Today's Brand of Conflict Close to Home -- goes beyond the legal manuals and stories from the front to 1) articulate the suffering and anxiety caused by noisy, in-your-face, trashy neighbors who are multiplying like bunnies, and 2) present genuinely workable methods for managing these childlike adults by lawful and socially responsible means. Peppered with sarcasm and straight talk, the book presents today's communities as war grounds, where the bad guy keeps winning as authorities and better neighbors prove useless in our struggles to feel safe and happy in and around our homes.

Bob Borzotta is a former reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Associated Press and many other news organizations. His book, Neighbors From Hell, and its companion web site, have made Borzotta the go-to source on the subject for ABC News, National Public Radio, CNN, local papers and stations around the U.S. Producers want him to appear on daytime talk shows and even host his own show. Thousands have sought his reliable, responsible consultation for handling their own neighbor disputes, and he has been providing it since 1999.