Birth of Jesus

Birth of Jesus

Math 1:18-

Birth of Jesus
Who have you told about Christmas

Christmas lights bring us into the time and spirit of Christmas.

What is Christmas? Have you shared Christmas with anyone? on the job? out shopping?

Are you only a shopper? Is it because you wore red and black on Christmas Sunday?

Have you only bought into the commercial holday only and not freely celebrating Christ.

Christmas about the birth of Christ

Math 1:16

"Christ" is Jesus' title and not his last (surname) name;

the birth or the beginning of the Christ

The Christ is the Messiah- a virgin conceived

First and only time ever that a virgin had conceived without sexual relationship with a man

During times of Herod birthday celebrated by having someone killed

Jews distinguished birth of male vs female child; 41 days the woman not allowed in the temple after birth of male child; 66 days the woman not allowed into the temple after the birth of the female child;

A sacrifice of two turtledoves was offered when the mother was allowed to return to the temple

Rom 14:5-6
Extend every day the same; birthday is not a special day during first 3 centuries

Celebrate the going out (death in Christ) and be sorrowful at coming in (born in sin, shaped in iniquity)

God built men to handle the pressues of life, so Joseph knowing that Jesus was not his baby chose to put her away privily, wanted to help Mary out until he heard from the angel of the Lord

Jesus named because in Hebrew tongue meant God is salvation,