Reclaiming the Gospel at Home: Biblical Truths for Men

King David’s imprint on the history of Israel is significant. Scripture reveals that he was a “man after God’s own heart.” We see David as a young shepherd boy, a friend of Jonathan, and a servant to King Saul. Ultimately, we follow his journey as king of Israel. Many of the episodes from his life are set within the context of his often-complicated family, affording opportunities to see David’s personal successes as well as his heartbreaking failures. The scriptural account of his life provides many insights and reveals that biblical manhood is a noble pursuit achievable even in the most challenging of situations.

The men contributing chapters to this book are godly men who shepherd God’s people as pastors. They have a unique perspective on the challenges confronting men in their congregations. As they lay the lens of scripture over David’s life experiences and build a bridge to the experiences confronting men today, they provide wise biblical counsel to help men develop a passion for becoming godly men of faith personally, in their homes, and in their communities.

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