PERU ICA BURIAL STONES DVD - Dinosaurs and Man Contemporaneous VIDEO SAMPLE

An ancient tribe in Peru buried their dead in pits in the desert, and years later, items have been found in these tombs revealing an advanced civilization.
In many of the tombs, "burial stones" were found upon which scenes were etched from their daily lives.

A private museum in Peru holds more than 10,000 of these stones with about 1/3 of these showing man and dinosaurs interacting with each other.

Other scenes on the stones depict blood transfusions, brain surgery, and the use of telescopes and
This video, produced and narrated by David Babbitt, who has been to Peru, highlights some of these stones through photos.

The video also gives a Biblical explanation as to how man and dinosaurs would be found living
contemporaneously. It also has a gospel message and is copyright-free for the purpose of sharing the
Creation message vs. evolution. It also has about a one minute video clip of Dennis Swift in Peru explaining a few details about the stones.

Dennis is the Christian author of the book, "Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca lines," in which he offers his in-depth research into the burial stone discovery.

The video also shows some remarkable ancient stonework.

Running time 21 minutes.

Audio and computer editing by Cathy Friedlander ... Christian videographer, musician, and
computer editor authoring over 22 videos and 10 cds.

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