"NOW THE TIME HAS COME" was written, composed, performed by Jonathan Laurince and it features his singing group called the True Worshipers. It was produced by Rodlin Pierre for JL Music Productions. It is a praise and worship song based on this portion of the bible in John 4:23 that defines the True Worshiper. It is also an invitation, a convocation to worship in a time when the whole world needs to know that now is the time, not yesterday nor tomorrow, but now is the time to love, appreciate, live again, forgive and most of all, to make peace with the only one who sacrificed it all and died for us.
May this song bless you and help you to enter a new realm of worship and praise and awaken your soul and heart on the purpose of our being which is to worship and praise our Lord the creator.
Thank you so much for your support over the years and for watching this music video. All you have to do now is to log on and download the song as your anthem and ringtone. Thanks again.

JL Music Productions

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