Managing Your Mind

Living a Life On Loan - Series

2. What is the war that Paul and team are engaged in? (10:5) Do you often think about the fact that you, too, are engaged in a war? Why?

3. What are some of the things today that tend to capture the minds and thinking of our culture and, when we are honest, many of us?

a. How and why do these thoughts keep us from the true knowledge of God? (10:5)
b. In what ways does a disconnect from the true knowledge of God affect our lives and make it impossible for us to successfully live a life on loan?

4. What are the weapons of our warfare (10:4) according to Ephesians 6:10-17?

What specific roles do truth and God's Word play in our engagement?

5. According to our outlines, what three key steps are required in order to successfully manage our minds? Why and how is each important?

6. The acronym MIND was used to give us guidance on how to practically control our thoughts. (10:5) What are the four parts of the acronym?

7. How might you and those in your group practically apply each component?

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