Chris August - Restore

I've been disappointed about the institution of marriage these days. It seems like a large portion of this generation simply has no desire to get married. I don't mean to generalize, but it's just what I observe. Living together first seems to be the norm, and often the permanent solution, with marriage never taking place. And even if it does, it often doesn't last very long. It saddens me.

I'm going on 38 years of marriage to a wonderful, Godly woman. We made vows to each other and we are determined to keep them. We had a trouble spot about 10 years into our marriage that could have destroyed it, but God restored our marriage and strengthened it and got us through that rough spot. This song reminds me that God does indeed have the power to restore a troubled marriage. Don't give up hope, there is always hope.

This is a song by Chris August, co-written along with Ian Eskelin. Real-life stuff. It's called "Restore", from his album "The Upside Of Down".

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