Zarlow with Lena Lee - Praise

Special thanks to Lena Lee

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Michael J. Goebel: Guitars, vocals
Mark William Goebel: Bass, vocals
Michael Newsom: Drums, percussion

There was a time in my life when I wasn't sure
That the love that I needed was yours
Well you took me and showed me the way
And now my love for you grows stronger every day

Chorus: Take these words from my heart
And Savior that's the start
Take these words from my heart
And Lord my love is true
Forever just me and you
Singin Jesus our love is true
You love me, and I love you

There was a place you took me way back when
And I'm sure I'll see that place again
I really hoped that we could go back there today
But it's hard when Im so far away


Someday my life will pass, and I'll be home for sure
I know I'll find you waiting for me at the door
We'll be living and loving once again
That's why I sing this song of praise to you my friend

Chorus 2x

Copyright Zarlow 2012

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