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Michael J. Goebel: Guitars, Vocals
Mark William Goebel: Bass, Vocals
Michael Newsom: Drums, Percussion

Sometimes I feel it's old
Into the fire as if I were gold
I realize I had been told
But I didn't listen
I need your love -- it feels so nice
I realize You paid my price
I live my days and dream my nights
For your love I'd give my life

Take me away -- I don't want it no more
I recognize you're my only door
Take me away -- I don't want it again
I call you King -- you call me friend

Away the confusion a world full of lies
Arrived here in peace and you were despised
I think a lot of this here -- and it makes me cry
I thank you Lord -- but I still ask you why


So what's my use -- if I've gone astray
The joy in your love -- you know that I'll stay
I'll live in love for another day
And this time you know I'll listen


Copyright Zarlow 2012

Words and music by: Zarlow

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