Experience these simple truths and learn how trust and faith in God can lead to an abundant, and victorious life. It is like a pathway and guide to peace with God as well as a means of understanding the salvation experience.

David Howell, the writer and executive producer of this video, is a born again child of God. This video reflects the essence of the experience, strength and hope that was given to him by Jesus Christ after many years of living a life of self-centeredness and self-absorption. Through the illustrations, animation, verses and narration; this video shows how trust and understanding of Jesus Christ and the salvation experience can lead to victorious, abundant living and peace with God on this earth. Visit for information about the booklet and the ministry.

Executive Producer: David Howell
Production Designer: John Magee
Video Editing, Motion Graphics: Mitch Robbins Video and Post Production
Narration: BP Smyth
Illustrations: Randy Rogers

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