PUPPY IN PERIL - American Strays the series

PUPPY IN PERIL - Episode #3
American Strays the series (#AmericanStrays on twitter)

Michigan Humane Society Officer Chris Oewerkerk is dispatched to a very common scene in the city of Detroit, a Puppy lodged deep in a drain pipe that has been constantly crying out for its Mother throughout the night. The scene gets tense as a series of skilled people are dispatched to free the puppy from the pipe. Plumbers, Diggers, and Humane Officers join forces as the rescue unfolds live for TV News cameras.

Follow the ongoing stories of the people and the dogs of the city of Detroit in this ground-breaking new series from the World Animal Awareness Society as the WA2S works to solve the stray dog management problems.

Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society and American Strays series Producer & Director, Tom McPhee dives deep into the issues and circumstances that affect both people and canine in this derelict, yet dynamically changing city.

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Episode Songs:
Gimme Some
Solving Time


End Title and Official Series Song:
Get Right With God


Series Camera:
Michael Kuentz
Jeff Wolka
Michelle Way
Tom McPhee

Series Editor & Sound Design:
Esther Regelson

Opening Tile & Closing End Credits Animation Sequence:
Frank Forrestall

Series Producer & Director:
Tom McPhee

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