Spy Kit Childrens Guide to prayer

OLLY GOLDENBERG has been ministering to children, both inside and outside the Church, for over twenty years, including building up the largest children’s work in Europe. He and his wife are the founders of Children Can. They travel nationally and internationally equipping and inspiring churches and leaders to see that their children can do all things through Christ.
They have helped thousands of children to discover prayer and begin a life changing journey with God. Olly lives in London with his wife, Helen, and their five children.
THE SPY KIT is a brand new resource to help children to pray.
Inside the kit you’ll find:
The Spy Track CD with quirky characters and bouncy songs, children learn a model of prayer. They then get to put it into practice as they pray along with the CD.
The Spy Guide This booklet goes with the spy track. It is full of puzzles, prayer pointers and pages of space to make their own prayer notes.
An invisible ink pen to write invisible things, which may seem pointless until you realise there is a special light on the pen which makes invisible things visible.
A zero gravity pen (sort of). With this you could write a note on the moon (if you ever got stuck there). It’s actually just a pencil, but hey it does the job—after
Children aged 5-11 will love this fun interactive resource that really does get them praying!

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