When Day Became Night

This is a digital short animation I created as an expression of what God's Grace means to me. I hope that it encourages you! Please see below for list of credits.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this a reality:

Lyrics performed by Greg Haswell - Pastor of Northlands Church, Atlanta GA northlandschurch.com

Animation - Aaron Keuter

Music - "For the Glory" - Andrew

Morgan Smith (90%)/Matthew Alan Gates (10%)

Sound Design - Scott Beatty- Audio

Supervisor for Inertia Films

Artwork - "The Sound of Rain" Meghan Roberts - displayed between 3:09 and 3:25

Script Author - Beau Garrett

Script Editor - Nicole Hannel

Recording and Sound Design Studios - Inertia Films, Atlanta GA inertiafilms.com

Funded privately by anonymous donors.

To all involved, my sincere thanks!

Available for Download at: sermonspice.com/product/54240/when-day-became-night

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