Class7_Science_Electric Current and its Effects_Electric Components

In the 19th century, James Joule studied a property, which says that "when an electric current flows through the filament of a bulb, it generates heat, and so the bulb becomes hot". This property is named the heating effect of electric current. When electric current flows through a wire wound around an iron bar, the bar behaves like a magnet. This magnet is called an electromagnet.An electromagnet is formed due to the magnetic effect of electric current. This magnetic effect
of electric current was discovered by Hans Christian Oersted. Once, while preparing for a lecture, he noticed that there was a deflection in the needle of a magnetic compass kept near a wire that was connected to a battery. This deflection occurred every time the battery was switched on and off. He realized that a magnetic field is created around a current-carrying wire in a circuit.

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