BIG - JoJo Rock 9 Year old Rapper - In JoJo's new song BIG he talks about how age doesn't matter if you want to make a difference in peoples lives.

He describes how he has changed the life of his sponsor child Charles from Africa whom he sponsors through his music.

This song is JoJo's anthem to a generation of young people who want to live for something greater than themselves.

At 9 years old JoJo Rock records rap songs to raise money to sponsor kids through Compassion.







Produced and Directed by Titus Maclaren
Co-Produced by Brenton Smith and Rajveer Dhatt

Edited by Titus Maclaren
Co-Edited by Rajveer Dhatt

Cinematography by Brenton Smith
Filmed by Brenton Smith, Rajveer Dhatt and Titus Maclaren

Production Design by Titus Maclaren


Verse 1

I'm JoJo Rock, I'm 8 years old,
On a mission to stop child poverty cold
Gonna bust my rhymes till my voice goes course,
walking in the footsteps of William Wilberforce
I'm rhyming to the kids in the western world
That They can make a big difference to a boy or girl
Living in poverty wanting to be free
Looking at you and me, now I can see
That we can solve injustice in the world today
Stand up on your feet so we can have our say
Sponsoring a child it's a powerful way
One child for another we can save the day


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