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Jesus Christ is not Christianity.

The Lord Jesus Christ is not Christianity. The moment some people hear the name Jesus Christ they immediately think of a word (Christianity); Lord Jesus Christ our Savior is not a WORD; and we don’t have to call ourselves Christians to follow Jesus Christ. Christianity (is) a WORD; and it is used to describe (a group of people) that follow Jesus Christ. Christian is a WORD used to describe (a person) who follows Jesus Christ; you can follow Jesus and you don’t have to call yourself anything. Your relationship with Lord Jesus Christ is nobody’s business but yours. You don’t need anybody’s permission to talk to him; Not a Pastor, Minister or Church (NOBODY) because Nobody will stand with you before him during judgment time. Jesus Christ is GOD of everything he is not a religion, he is your savior if you decide to follow him or not. You can pray to Jesus and acknowledge him as your Savior without being religious or being called a Christian or being associated with Christianity in any way; again you can praise JESUS CHRIST without being religious, or being called a Christian or being involved with Christianity in any way; these are words not Jesus Christ. When you accept Jesus Christ he lives within you; he lives in your heart. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and king of everything not a religion or a WORD. Don’t let WORDS like Religion-Christianity or Christian stop you from having a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. Talk directly with Jesus in prayer!

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