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The diver !

A young man was training to become a diving champion. His dream was to become an Olympic medalist. Despite having already won several medals, his greatest dream still remained that of obtaining an Olympic medal. He was entirely dedicated to his sport and all of his training sessions, and competitions were aimed at the hope of one day winning that Olympic medal. He had a promising future ahead of him, and was clearly a potential gold medalist.

He would often train in his local swimming pool along with one of his friends who was a Christian. Although the young diver was an unbeliever, he liked his friend, and so put up with all the God talk about Jesus Christ having died on the cross to save man. Even though he didn’t agree with him, he was however challenged by his friend’s faith. He couldn’t understand how his friend could entrust his life to an invisible creator and would often see him confide in God before taking any decision. Despite the young diver being challenged by the strength of his friend’s convictions, he didn’t have the same faith and only relied on himself to direct his life.

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