Mouve House

Hello pastor, I really enjoy listening to you on the website I was born again in 2006 after having gone through a divorce and a deep depression. At the time, I just wanted to die. I then met a Christian, decided to follow a bible course and at last got baptized after 6 years of doubt. I must say, I am quite Cartesian in nature and my life has not been an easy ride but rather a rough one where I have had to hold on, so as not to let myself drown. I had hoped that my life would get better once I had become a Christian and that God would change my life. It has now been 6 years. Today I find myself still alone without a husband, living in a small apartment, driving a small car without a job and only some state aid as income. I still love God and his Word but quite honestly, I have given up. The weight has dried up the life in my bones and my faith is very low despite praying, begging, waiting, hoping, it has been nothing but desert. I think it must be something to do with me; something is not right; but what is it? Please answer me pastor if you have time. M Celeste Martin

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