Jesus' Wife Revealed - The Church

"First of all, this discovery is absolutely true, but because the
unbelievers and outsiders were unable to understand its true (coded)
message, they released it to the World. This was most likely done to expose Jesus Christ as an imposter."

A Harvard historian has identified a faded, fourth-century scrap of papyrus she calls "The Gospel of Jesus's Wife." One line of the torn fragment of text purportedly reads: "Jesus said to them, 'My wife ...'" The following line states, "she will be able to be my disciple. *Notice it does NOT mention Mary Magdalene at all.

"Jesus said to them, my wife."

For the Husband is the head of the Wife, as Christ also is the head of the Church (the Wife), He Himself being the Savior of the Body - Ephesians 5:23.

- THE MESSAGE - (which eluded the unbelievers and outsiders)
"she will be able to be my disciple."
The true Church of God will become one single disciple!

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