The Telling - Sean Carter - Inspired by C.S. Lewis's "Great Divorce"

The Telling - Sean Carter - Inspired by C.S. Lewis's 'Great Divorce'

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Recording this song is one of the most memorable days of music for me. After being inspired by C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce to write this song, it was incredible to see the guys bring it to life. Here you can see Ran Jackson ( playing a guitar with an opening drone tuning he created, Grant Pittman (now on tour with Kari Jobe) played an old upright with a few missing notes (supposedly broken by Ben Harper) I was shooting most of the footage, until vocal tracking day.

If you listen closely to the song, you will hear musical parts doubled by other instruments and alternately panned, 2 Drummers, Piano/Rhodes Electric/Acoustic Synth/Organ this allows the song to take on the 2 characters, one who saw clearly, and one who was self absorbed.

Read the exerpt from "The Great Divorce" here -

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