A Tornado, A Flood, 2 Near Head on Collisions

A Tornado, A Flood, A water Leak, Car Damage, 2 Near Head on Collisions, Yep this week I think we ticked off the forces of darkness... City Church Ministries took a direct hit by a possible tornado. Mike Richardson shares how a tree nearly came down on top of him. This happened after engaging in Spiritual Warfare against some attacks on the Ministry. There was no chance for storms, the skies had been clear, but in an apparent demonic attack a fluke storm blew up striking the Ministry headquarters head on within minutes of the Spiritual Warfare. Then today as he was about to release the announcement of a Free Online Bible School a water line broke at the house. While in route to town and back Mike had 2 close calls when a semi tried passing another and was coming at him head on! After this he decided to do this video on Demonic Attacks when suddenly a vehicle came out of its lane coming at him head on! Thank God for his divine protection. Please pray for the ministry, there is a lot of damage and no money for repairs at this time. More at www.CityChurchMinistries.com

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