Singing The Housework Blues (Original) Lyrics

Another chapter in my Musical Book!

This song is in memory of my grandmother
Loretta Dorval whom we called Memere. She
passed away many years ago but I will always
remember her words she spoke to me.

Maybe You have heard the saying that women's
work is never done!

Well, whenever I use to complain about doing
housework, or the long hours when my babies
were born, Memere use to tell me what she did
to make the housework fun. That is to sing, and
her canary would sing with her, dance, whistle,
or be creative and make it fun. Great wisdom I
have tried to live by! I still have not mastered
how to whistle though LOL!!
Thanks to my husband Gordon E. Conn for his
special effects with the whistle!!!

Words and Music by Linda Conn©

March 25th, 2014

Registered with Socan

A Linda Conn Production©

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