Hilarious 'Talking' Dog Really Wants A New Kitten

Hilarious 'Talking' Dog Really Wants A New Kitten

You’re sure to have a smile on your face after watching this hilarious ‘talking’ dog get excited about wanting a new kitten!

In this creative video, the owner is having a conversation with his dog about his most recent trip to the pet store.

“Remember how you wanted a kitten?’

“Yep,” his furry friend says.

His owner tells him that he went to the pet store and the dog gets so excited!

“Well, come on! Let’s go! I wanna see her,” says the dog while jumping around.

“Hang on. Keep your collar on,” says the owner as he tries to calm down his dog. “You wanted a girl. A tabby.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Oh, I can’t believe you got me a cat!” The cute dog cannot contain his joy. “Where is she? Is she out here?”

The owner then goes on to mess with the dog for a little bit. He explains how he looked at all kinds of animals at the pet store, like snakes, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, parrots, newts, and hamsters. When he finally mentions that he looked at kittens, the dog goes crazy.

“Oh, that’s it! That’s where you stop because that’s what you’re gonna get me,” explains the dog.

In a hilarious turn of events, the owner starts mentioning more pets that he looked at during his trip to the pet store, like hermit crabs.

“You better get me a kitten or I’m going to chew these couch’s arms right off! I will!” The dog is starting to get annoyed in the funniest way. “Now tell me, what’s going on!”

Finally, the owner reveals that there were shelter kittens at the store and he picked one up. His dog got what he was wishing for, and now has another pet to play with at the house.

What a blessing to be able to laugh at the funny things in life, like these adorable, ‘talking’ animal videos!