When I See Thy Heavens - Når jeg ser din Himmel

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English text Richard Mure Exelby, 1998, revised 2011;
This translation is not to be construed as a definitive version officially approved by Kjersti who reserves the right to make her own choice of translation or version.
Many thanks to Flikr for their excellent image source webpage and search engine, without which this compilation would never have been possible!
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Credits have been compiled as meticulously as possible. If any contributors have been accidentally been overlooked, we herewith apologise and beg their indulgence.

Norwegian text and melody,
Kjersti Hundsnes Ørnhaug ©1997
Musical track from CD "Du Har Talt" (You Have Spoken)
recorded in Bergen, Norway 7th of March 1998.
Soloist: Kjersti Hundsnes Ørnhaug
Anna Farestveit
Sissel Kristing
Kathrine Johnsen
Tavis Ekse
Karianne Sørensen
Eva-Malene Nilsen
Tone Vike
Ann Iren Jessen
Ingrid Smith
Kjersti H Ørnhaug
Stein Ørnhaug
Kristin Sande
Nina Reynolds
Roald Sletteland
Dag Svenung Åsheim
Øystien Sørensen


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