Britain warns of 'all-out civil war' in Syria (Second Coming Watch Update #117)

Britain warns of 'all-out civil war' in Syria (Second Coming Watch Update #117)

Date: June 14, 2013

By: Daniel Whyte III

Description: Britain warns of 'all-out civil war' in Syria. According to the AFP, Britain warned that failure by the two sides in Syria to implement UN envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan could lead to "all-out civil war and collapse" in the violence-torn country. Foreign Minister William Hague said "It is not as if the alternatives in Syria are the Annan plan or the Assad regime retaking control of the country. The alternatives are the Annan plan or ever increasing chaos in Syria and the descent closer and closer to all-out civil war and collapse."

Taiwan 'deploys anti-China missiles'. According to the AFP, Taiwan has for the first time deployed cruise missiles capable of striking key military bases along the southeast coast of the Chinese mainland. Mass production of the Taiwan-made Brave Wind missiles, which have a range of 300 miles, has been completed and the missiles have come into service. Taiwanese experts estimate that China's military, the People's Liberation Army, has more than 1,600 missiles aimed at the island. Kevin Cheng, editor-in-chief of the Asia-Pacific Defense Magazine, said "To some extent, the weaponry can serve as a deterrent. In case of war in the Taiwan Strait, the missiles could be used to attack the airports and other military bases of the People's Liberation Army."

Strong earthquake strikes northern Argentina. According to Reuters, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck northern Argentina early on Monday.